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September 25, 2021

People are turning their attention more to table décor, and table settings because the holiday season is fast approaching. The dining room gets the maximum attention and importance during the festive days. As per experts at Forbes, even though the gatherings are bound to be restricted to immediate family and would be much smaller this year due to the ongoing onslaught of COVID-19, the focus is certainly going to be on the dining area.

An effective way of sprucing up your overall home décor and aesthetic ambiance is changing out your table decorations every season. A table runner could add an element of zing and interest to your overall table décor. A table runner helps in enhancing your tablescape in both dramatic and subtle ways, depending on the texture and color you choose.

Table runners are best for special occasions but are equally useful for everyday use. These are simple table decorations, and you could find them in a plethora of fabrics, designs, colors, sizes, and textures to match your preferences, personality, and lifestyle. You can use a custom table runner for your rectangular dining tables, coffee table, or a relatively smaller bistro table.

Use a Long Table Runner and Lengthwise

Conventionally, table runners are placed lengthwise. They are traditionally centered across a table with adequate length to allow some portion to hang over the edges at least, they should be touching the underlying table cloth edges lengthwise. A table runner generally, should be having six to twelve inches of fabric hanging loosely over the edges. Choose a table runner of ideal length, color, and design that complements your home décor theme.

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Another way would be to use a single runner lengthwise is to cover approximately one-third of your tabletop. When you lay down your table runner in this fashion, it serves the purpose of a perfect visual centerline, where all your serving dishes could be placed. Alternatively, you can place a couple of table runners running parallel to each other all across the table. They should be on either side of your table. You may consider building a tabletop look by using well-coordinated chargers, placemats, centerpieces, and napkins.

Opt for a Short Table Runner

If you do not wish to cover your table and you are happier to flaunt your tabletop, you may use an attractive short runner to highlight your attractive table. It is a fantastic design style for using with candles. It looks stunning and adds to the beauty of the overall table décor. Moreover, it could be the right choice from the functional perspective. It could protect your favorite table from the melting wax of the candles.

Go Wide with a Table Runner

You may opt for a more informal arrangement and consider placing short runners widthwise all across your table for creating a sense of uniformity and visual unity. If you are placing several short runners, you may do away with the placemats and focus on using a fun charger.

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You could try a minimal look by using an attractive runner that is well-coordinated with your tablecloth. Do not forget to add only a few decorations. It is a good idea to use a table runner that comes in a contrasting pattern or color than your table cloth. Table runners could be elegant and ornate, or they could be informal and pretty simple. Choose one as per your mood or according to the occasion.



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