October 27, 2021

Alexander Domogarov was born on July 12, 1963 in Moscow. Father – Yuri Lvovich (1915-1991), actor. Until 1941 he studied at VGIK, played the role of ataman Platov in the film “Suvorov”, after the second year he went to war, where he was wounded near Rzhev in 1942.

Alexander Domogarov: “My father was a strong man – a powerful, strong, in a word, a correct man. He spoke slowly, but so weighty that it was useless to argue with him. Unconditional authority. Until 1941 he studied at VGIK. His father was shot, his mother was imprisoned, and he was left alone. He immediately went to the war, rose to the rank of major, was seriously wounded in the leg, because of this he limped. ”
The quote is taken from “DesireMovies

In the post-war years, Alexander’s father was the director of Mosconcert and Rosconcert, and in 1971 he became the manager of Soyuzattraktsion. In the last years of his life, Yuri Lvovich was the director of the Children’s Musical Theater of Natalia Sats. Mother – Natalya Petrovna (1928-2001), worked in a department store. The elder brother is Andrey (1953).

Alexander Domogarov: “Mom worked in a department store. But my brother and I got nothing from this “golden” place. We did not have sheepskin coats, nor did we have imported shoes. But what can I say, I received the first jeans as a gift from my parents only when I was already in my third year at the institute. Mom was extremely scrupulous in this matter.

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After graduating from high school No. 4 and music school No. 22 named after Stasov, the future actor, at first, on the advice of his older brother, wanted to enter MADI, but then changed his mind and decided to try himself in the acting profession.

In 1980, Alexander entered the Shchepkin Theater School on the course of the People’s Artist of the USSR, V.I. Korshunov, from which he graduated in 1984. After graduation, Domogarov was accepted into the troupe of the Maly Theater, where he worked for a year.

In 1984, Alexander Domogarov made his film debut, playing in the film “Inheritance”. Then he played only episodic roles for a long time.

At the same time, Domogarov married his girlfriend Natalya Sagoyan. In 1985, the couple had a son, Dmitry (died in 2008 in an accident). After a while, the couple divorced.

In 1985 Domogarov was drafted into the army. For military service, he was sent to the team of the Theater of the Soviet (since 1993 – Russian) Army, in whose troupe he worked until 1995. Alexander played in the performances: “My profession is a signor from society”, “Trees die while standing”, “Pavel I” and others.

Alexander Domogarov: “They grabbed me very strongly in the military registration and enlistment office. Thanks to the assistance of the management of the theater and the efforts of my father, I was not sent to Tmutarakan, but was taken into the team of the Theater of the Soviet Army. After the service, I remained in this theater and worked there for 11 years … Then I came to the Mossovet Theater. ”
The quote is taken from “Filmyzilla

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Since 1986, Alexander has lived in a civil marriage with the make-up artist Irina Gunenkova. Two years later, the couple legalized their relationship, and soon the couple had a son, Alexander.

In 1995 he joined the troupe of the Mossovet Theater, where he played in the performances: “The Running Wanderers”, “He Came”, “Dear Friend” and others. Currently he is one of the leading theater artists, plays in performances: “My Poor Marat”, “Cyrano de Bergerac”, “Uncle Vanya”, “The Strange Story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and others.

Alexander also took part in other productions. theaters: “Nijinsky, God’s Crazy Clown” at the Malaya Bronnaya Theater and “Macbeth” at the Bagatela Theater in Krakow, where he played in Polish.

Popularity came to the actor in 1997 after the main role of the Comte de Bussy in the TV series “The Countess de Monsoreau”. This work made Domogarov a star of Russian cinema and earned him the reputation of a “fatal man”.

Alexander Domogarov: “It is clear that the image of the hero-lover is winning and effective. But I am also interested in other characters, I want to play different characters. I have to put what has accumulated inside me somewhere. After all, I have passion, and negative emotions, and a certain negative. I want to “eat” a job, you know? I’m a workaholic. ”

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Meanwhile, Alexander divorced his second wife Irina and married actress Natalia Gromushkina, who is 12 years younger than the actor. In 2005, the couple decided to divorce.

Alexander Domogarov took part in several television projects: “The Last Hero” (2002-2004, “First Channel”), “Fort Boyard” (2003, “Russia”), “Only for Men” (2005, “TVC”), “Wait me ”and the program“ Heart of Africa ”(2005,“ Channel One ”).

The actor has played more than 80 roles in films and TV series, including: “Inheritance” (1984), “The Trouble Begins” (1985), “Mikhailo Lomonosov” (1986), “Assa” (1987), “Husband and Daughter of Tamara Alexandrovna “(1988),” Midshipmen 3 “(1992),” If I only knew … “(1993),” Queen Margot “(1997),” With Fire and Sword “(1999),” What the Dead Man Said “(1999) , “Turkish March” (2000), “Empire under attack” (2000), “Gangster Petersburg. Film 1. Baron “(2000),” Gangster Petersburg. Film 2. Lawyer “(2000),” Gangster Petersburg. Film 3. The collapse of the Antibiotic “(2001),” Turkish March 2 “(2002),” Turkish March 3 “(2003),” Gangster Petersburg. Film 4. Prisoner “(2003),” Gangster Petersburg. Film 5. Operas “(2003),” Gangster Petersburg. Film 6. Journalist “(2003),” Satisfaction “(2005),” Wolfhound from the Clan of the Gray Dogs “(2006),” HuniePop 2 “(2007),” Inheritance “(2008), “Love without rules” (2010), “Secrets of Palace coups. Film 8. Two Knights or The Hunt for a Princess “(2011),” Dostoevsky “(2011),” Furtseva “(2011),” Sonnentau “(2012),” Cure for Death “(2012),” Alien Face “(2012 ), “Maryina Roshcha” (2013), “Legends of the Circle” (2013), “Weekend” (2013), “Kill Stalin” (2013), etc.

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▪ Honored Artist of Russia (2000)
▪ People’s Artist of Russia (09.04.2007)


▪ Prize “The Seagull” in the nomination “Best Actor of the Theater Season 1996/97” for the role of Georges Duroy in the play “Dear Friend” (1997)
▪ Prize “Legionnaire” of the Festival “Constellation” the film “With Fire and Sword” (2000)

A family

First wife – Natalya Sagoyan
Second wife – Irina Gunenkova, make-up artist
Third wife – Natalya Gromushkina, actress
Son – Dmitry, from his first marriage (died in an accident)
Son – Alexander Domogarov Jr., actor, from his second marriage


fencing, equestrian sports, edged weapons


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