April 12, 2022

When choosing the right cowboy hat for your face, you should already start by asking yourself whether you are looking for a stylish cowboy hat or a more functional cowboy hat. Maybe you’re looking for a cowboy hat to go with your next country concert outfit or to attend your country-dance lessons or maybe you’re looking for a more versatile hat to add to your wardrobe.


Does it suit and fit you?

The primary step to wearing mens straw cowboy hats is to make sure the hat is the right size and that it fits well on your head. Some cowboy hats are designed for elongated faces, while faces that are more oval look better in other styles.


Your cowboy hat will draw attention to your face, so buy a cowboy straw hat that balances out your facial features. Look in the mirror to determine your face shape and measure your head carefully to know which size to choose.


One size does not fit all

Is your cowboy straw hat too big or too small? Do not be disappointed. We have a practical solution. Just buy a foam strip designed for cowboy hat. Simply insert the foam into the hat house to make it narrower according to your head size. If you think the hat is loose from behind or front, put the foam accordingly. In the same way, do it if you feel loose all around.

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Slim and elongated

If you have a slim and elongated face, you should buy a cowboy hat with a medium height crown, which is more suitable for a longer face. A crown that is too short or too high will make your face look more elongated, which can be unflattering.


Wider or oval

If you have a more oval or wider head, the cowboy hat that best suits your face is one with a medium brim. Smaller brim cowboy hats will make your face look bigger. Choose a medium brim cowboy hat for a more flattering appearance.


Full and round

If you have a slightly round face, we advise you to choose a cowboy hat that has a low crown height. A cowboy straw hat with a shorter crown will look more flattering.


Wear the hat the right way

One of the most basic rules is indeed to ensure that the hat sits correctly on the head, with the front pointing well forward. Most cowboy hats have a small bow on the inside or outside lining around the headband. The knot should be at the back of your head. If your hat does not have this knot, the general rule is that the hat will be narrower in the front.


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Buying cowboy hat is easier. However, you must match it with your perfect outfit. The traditional outfit for a cowboy hat is a button down shirt (white, cream, black, beige, and blue) denim blue or off-white (faded or color) jeans and a nice pair of cowboy boots (black or deep brown). You can wear one color shirt or checkered shirt. The shirt must be tucked into your jeans. Do not forget to wear a big western buckle.


A perfect cowboy hat for you

If a cowboy hat does not compliment your style, there is no meaning wearing it. It must suit your wardrobe. If it is your first time, prefer wearing a neutral color such as beige, black, and gray. Black goes perfect with any style and dress code. On the other hand, a classic tan cowboy straw hat goes perfect with any western wardrobe.


Your cowboy hat should also reflect your personality. If you have a particular attraction for Native American culture, you can choose one whose gallon is decorated with feathers. If you are a little eccentric, you can choose a colored one or with rhinestones, like the divas of Vegas. If you are a big fan of American culture, you can choose one in the colors of the United States. In short, everything is possible in terms of a cowboy hat, so have fun.

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Make it a nice fit

When it comes to cowboy hats for men, the options are many. Felt, straw, and leather are primary materials. Felt is a warmer fabric, so wear it in colder seasons. Straw cowboy hats are perfect for wearing in summer days or for practicing country dancing in the summer.



The cowboy straw hat is an essential part of the panoply of the country dancer or the country music lover. In addition to giving incredible style and referencing the entire country’s culture, this cowboy hat is a true choreography companion. With a man’s straw hat, you can play by combining material and colors.


You have to think about what look you want to give yourself depending on your cowboy hat’s position on your head. Here you have all the keys, to choose the cowboy hat that will best suit your personality and your style.


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