January 22, 2022

Earrings are often a woman’s best friend when it comes to accessorizing. They help display your unique style while ensuring your facial features get adequately highlighted. But to make earrings seamlessly work for you, it is essential to pick earrings based on one’s face shape. There are different types of earrings that do an excellent job at bringing attention to a specific part of your face, enhancing the overall attire, etc.

Having clarity on what you want your earrings to do will help you pick the best pair. Luckily, you don’t have to spend and waste hours trying to figure it out all alone. Whether you want to buy pure gold earrings or diamond earrings, you can use this guide to select the ideal earring type in your choice of metal and gemstones. So let’s quickly head straight to the list of earring types based on one’s face shape.

Earrings for Round Shape Face

People with circular or round faces have fewer angles and sharp lines on their cheeks and chin. As the round cheeks give the entire face a wider, circular shape, it is best to wear long earrings as it perfectly adds more length to your face. Plenty of slender, long earrings are available in the market, so finding one that best suits your personality and face shape won’t be challenging. However, avoid hoops as you wouldn’t want to add more circular shapes along your round face. You should look for other options if you’re a stud lover because studs on round faces mostly go unnoticed.

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Earrings for Oval Shape Face

An oval-shaped face is pretty much similar to a round-shaped face, with the only difference of the former being slightly longer. An oval face is usually regarded as the ideal face shape because it features an even distribution of facial features, and all the natural angles of the face blend seamlessly. For this reason, people with the oval-shaped face can wear any type of earring they want. But in particular, studs, hoops, and triangle-shaped earrings look incredible on them.

Earrings for Square Shape Face

Similar to a round-shaped face to a certain extent, this face shape has a boxier look than circular. It is also symmetrical all-around. Coming to other facial features, your jaws and forehead will have width equivalent to create a square shape. Circular earrings like hoops or round studs look best for people with such facial features. It will create a stunning pair between your face shape and earrings. You can look for more circular or round earrings if hoops or round studs are not your preference.

Earrings for Diamond Shape Face

People with diamond-shaped faces enjoy wider eyes, establishing it as the main focal point of the face. They have their forehead and chin of the same width, creating a face that looks longer than most. Teardrop earrings look the best for people with diamond face shapes, as they help soften the person’s facial angles. Any earring that tends to create sharp angles should be avoided.

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Earrings for Face Resembling an Inverted Triangle

As the name suggests, people with an inverted triangle face shape have a wider forehead and narrow chin. But the shape is more angular when compared to a heart-shaped face. Since this face shape has striking cheekbones and jawbones, one should prefer wearing larger earrings aimed at weighing towards the bottom to balance out the narrow or small chin. You can also choose dangling earrings to capture more attention.

Now that you have all the face shape centric earrings information necessary to pick earrings based on your face shape, go out and get some matching earrings today.






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