walk in shower tray
July 9, 2021

A walk in Shower is growing in popularity, especially if you have a large bathroom. It is trendy and creates a luxurious look in the bathroom. Although for highly accessible, you still have an option to install a tray that, in most cases, is equal to or less than the level of the floor. Everyone wants their living place to be perfect. Every day there’re new varieties of various items in the markets, and we want the most elegant of them all. With the increase in new items every other day, the need to keep up with the latest fashion has been increased. Whether it’s your bedroom or your bathroom, you want it to be perfect as ever. 

Nowadays, bathroom sophistication is being so much trendy that every individual is spending a lot of money for his bathroom to look perfect. New accessories are being made that can make your bathroom look like a fantasy movie. It is also a classy creation of your fantasy bathroom.

What are Walk in Shower and Walk in Shower Tray?

Walk in Shower is an open area shower that does not have any glass panels or barriers to divide the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. This gives your bathroom a more luxurious look and makes it look wider. So, in other words, it a shower area that is not enclosed by doors or any walls. There is the possibility of half walls or glass panels for partially concealing the area. However, there are no doors. The main idea is to just walk in and take a shower with little effort. Since the whole concept revolves around the ease of access to the shower area, it may not essentially require a tray. But there is a walk in shower tray available that is fixed lower as compared to a standard tray. 

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Don’t We Walk into All Showers?

You might think we walk into all showers, so what’s the difference with such a shower. So, the difference really is that it only enclosed this shower in the half wall or half glass with no door. It literally means that you don’t have to open up a different door in your bathroom to get a shower. You just have to walk in it to get your daily showerk. Isn’t it wonderful?

Such shower spaces are the most modern addition to your bathroom interior. You can search for many designs and can make it looks exactly the way you want. 

Advantages of Walk In Shower.

Everyone chases the golden opportunity to modernize their way of living. You want every possible thing to be the latest and gorgeous so you can keep up with this world. Such a Shower makes your bathroom look elegant and gives your bathroom a royal feel. Another thing is that you don’t have to worry about the slippery floor because it directly drains your water.

  • While it does not have any curtain, walls, or doors, the area is highly accessible to anyone. This can be beneficial for someone with limited mobility or disability. So, anyone using it does need to take steps above the floor. That is a noble thing for many people.
  • You have an option to install a walk in shower tray, which is usually slip-resistant. IT does not allow water to gather while help get into the drain quickly. So, the water coming into the area quickly go into the drain. 
  • Many people choose it for its luxurious look. If you want your bathroom to look ultra-modern, then it can be your top choice. Perhaps, it is a way to create a highly attractive space that will remain trendy for years to come.
  • With such an open shower area, your bathroom looks spacious and bigger. So, if you want to give your bathroom a roomier feel, then it can be a perfect choice for you.
  • Another advantage of such shower area is that these are extremely easier to maintain and clean. Contrary to enclosures with doors that may go out of order over time and need quite a lot of effort for maintenance, these are not complex. You may have only a partial wall or glass panel to clean. 

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What Kind of Walk in Shower Tray will be Required?

If you need to install a tray, then it may be slightly lower than compared to a standard type of tray. Such trays that are available in the market vary in their width ranging from 50mm to 60mm. You can raise its level by using a raising kit that is easily available in the market. 

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Want To Install a Walk in Shower in Your Bathroom?

Do you think a shower with easier access and luxury can be great for your bathroom? You must make sure that an appropriate walk in shower tray is also part of your installation. At Royal Bathrooms, we have a complete range of bathroom fixtures available at a reduced price. All of our staff have got COVID-19 vaccines. You should also get it as early as possible. 

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