March 21, 2022

It has long been Huawei’s goal to integrate its laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart watches seamlessly, and the recently announced Super Device Software Suite marks the next step in this seamless workflow. Super device is a generic term for its connectivity features in the Health and Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, Entertainment, and Smart Home apps.

Smart Office, as the name suggests, aims to improve productivity by enabling collaboration across devices. This feature combines all devices into one “single experience”. Using phone apps on your Huawei laptop doesn’t matter if your PC runs Windows or Huawei’s Harmony OS. Share your phone screen on your PC so you can view the apps on your Huawei laptop. File transfer is also possible with a simple drag and drop. Using Huawei Mobile, some apps available in the Huawei App Gallery can run on Windows as well. The Super Device feature also boasts easier pairing of Huawei laptops with peripherals such as the company’s TWS headphones, speakers, and even Bluetooth-enabled mice and keyboards.


Super Tablet for smart office

Using the super tablet for smart office, you can easily synchronize devices from HUAWEI with your PC, enabling you to use other gadgets together as a single Super device. The “Super Device” function was created by Huawei as part of the concept of intelligent device interaction, which provides “limitless creativity and seamless communication.”

Seamless AI Life is committed to building an intelligent ecosystem over the next five to ten years, as outlined in the strategy. In the near future, Huawei will develop devices for five main collaboration scenarios: health and fitness, smart homes, simple travel, smart offices, and entertainment.

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The Huawei Share One Hop function, which connects mobile phones to a computer and allows them to share files, has been introduced in Huawei’s history of creating the “Super Device” concept. In 2011, Huawei introduced the Share Multiscreen feature, which allows up to three smartphone windows to be displayed on a laptop screen. A Huawei Vision device will enable better collaboration through the combination of smartphones, PCs, tablets, and HUAWEI Vision devices in 2021.

HUAWEI PC users can also take advantage of this feature with the release of new products announced at MWC 2022. Users can have effective video conferences using a PC connected to a HUAWEI Vision device – a device called a Super device. The multitasking feature on a smartphone lets you open up to three windows of smartphone applications simultaneously on the PC monitor, which is useful for increasing productivity. Therefore, users can unleash their creative potential if they use a tablet with a stylus in conjunction with a laptop.

Huawei has also launched the Huawei Mobile App Engine program, which allows PCs to access content from the App Gallery store. Several products recently released by HUAWEI support the Super Device function, including the Mate Station X, Mate Book E, Mate Pad Paper tablet, and Mate Pad. The Huawei PC Manager can be updated to the latest version to enable the Super Device feature for existing Huawei models. PC Manager will be updated to the latest version shortly after the Mobile App Engine Beta Program is released.

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