October 6, 2021

The bond that you share with your siblings is perhaps the purest bond that you will share with anyone after your parents. To make sure that your bond never weakens, you must take good care of your siblings. The amount of care increases especially when you have a sister. Now, before somebody else tells your sister what shows she should be watching on Netflix after entering teenage, you should grab the opportunity to walk her through some of the best Netflix shows that she will ever watch. However, if you have no idea what shows you must recommend to your sister, then the following list of top five Netflix shows to watch with your sister is going to help you a lot! Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the list.


Insatiable is going to teach you and your sister some of the most valuable lessons of your life. The show tells its viewers the story of a young girl, which is played brilliantly by Debby Ryan, who is an obese. Because of her physical appearance, Debby’s character suffers a lot of troubles from her schoolmates and after some events, she achieves the perfect shape. What follows is a joyride because the show is not purely a teen drama, it has elements of dark humour to it and hence it will be the perfect thing to watch with your sister if she feels less confident about her physical appearance. The Next Hint has reported that Insatiable Season 3 is cancelled by Netflix and the makers of the show have nothing to say on the fate of this amazing show.

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Stranger Things will remind you and your sister of the stories that grandma used to tell you. It is a crazy show with brilliantly portrayed characters, great background music and a well executed storyline.


Lucifer has made almost every girl fall in love with the main character. So you should be watching this show with your sister because of its fun storyline and amazing performances.


Money Heist has garnered a lot of popularity in the last few years. The fifth season of Money Heist just got released and if you have not watched it already, then watch it with your sister right now!


Anna Taylor Joy’s performance in this show truly defines her capability as an actor. She is full of talent and you will be amazed to see her in this show about the struggle of a chess player, her emergence as one of the smartest chess players in the world and how her world collapses when she resorts to some extremely wrong escaping ways. If you love watching the success stories and equally enjoy watching the decline of figures of fame, then you must check out this show.


The best part about this list is that we have not put any major spoilers for you or your sister so that you can enjoy these shows to their full potential. And if you liked the list, then you must check our other recommendations for some really specific occasions. It would be wise to subscribe to this space so that you can get new updates on some of your favourite Netflix shows.

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