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December 21, 2021

Can your average resume for Java developer help you land the job you have been wanting for so long? With millions of candidates applying for the java developer position, the odds of you getting selected for the role with an average resume are low.

If there’s one thing that can boost your chances of landing a job at a software development or IT company as a programmer, it is your resume. That sets your job application apart from other candidates applying for the same position. Let’s check out a few tips for preparing the best java developer resume:

Choose the Right Format

The three vitals for a java developer job are – your skills, experience, and achievements. That’s what an employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. So, the best resume format for this position is the reverse-chronological resume. Keep the headings simple and short. Choose a resume-friendly font that’s easy to read and understand, and keep enough white space.

Tell Them Why You are a Perfect Fit for the Job

You don’t want your resume to look like the other 500 resumes. It has to stand out if you want the recruiter’s attention. Starting of your resume should be short, crisp, engaging, and informative. It should tell the employer what you are capable of. Give them a strong reason why they should consider you over other candidates?

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In other words, what makes you better than other developers? Highlight your achievements in the summary itself since most employers don’t read past the first few lines. So, the “objectives” section is your best place to mention your specialties in short. Do not exaggerate and never write anything that’s irrelevant to the job no matter how good it sounds. Remember that your recruiter wants to know why you are the best candidate for the java developer job.

Backed up by Numbers

The resume of a Java developer shouldn’t look like a detailed summary that anyone could write. It should be backed by numbers. Show your employer your past achievements, how you helped your previous company grow, and by what percentage, what was your contribution to the organization’s success as a java developer. These metrics matter. In fact, most recruiters skip other parts and focus on the numbers only. It gives them a clear picture of what you can do for the company. Let us show you an example.


Professional java developer, excited to join your company and help grow your business. Motivated and experienced.


3+ years of experience as a java developer. Worked for Claire’s Ltd and reduced the memory consumption of the app by 40%. Experience in building, testing, updating, and launching an Android and iOS mobile app.

The summary of your resume should tell your experience, skills, achievements, and qualifications in 2-3 lines. Note that your employer won’t read the rest of the details if the summary looks like an essay or blurb with no valuable information.

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Focus on the Experience Part

Earlier we mentioned the three vitals for a successful java developer resume. Well, experience is one of the most important elements of any resume. When it comes to a job in the IT industry, the recruiter will not hire you based on your academic background or the volunteer work you did at high school.

They want to know your experience as a java developer. Choose a resume template where the experience section comes right after the summary. Mention your work history, the companies you worked for, starting date, what you contributed to the company, and why you quit. You can also mention the part-time jobs or freelancing gigs (if you have any). Make sure that whatever experience you mention should be 100% relevant to the job description.

Mention Your Skills

This section includes your soft and hard skills. Both are equally important and can make a big difference to your application. For a successful java developer, problem-solving and analytical skills are a must. You can also mention technical skills, testing skills, teamwork, full-stack app development, and so on.

Choose an eye-catching resume format and keep it simple. The above tips will help you craft the best resume for a java developer. Good Luck!

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