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December 28, 2021

Digital marketing is becoming more prominent, and with a need for compact and actionable information about this broad field, you should find high-quality books to read. Both individual digital marketers and highly reputable digital marketing companies such as Buzzle Media agree that continuous learning is necessary for everyone to get the right knowledge to help you produce results.


Here are the top five online marketing tools that you should read in 2022.


1. Product-Led SEO


This book is written by Eli Schwartz and can be ordered directly from Amazon. It’s affordable and carries lots of information and insights about search engine optimization from the product front.  The approach which this book takes is different, and the information that is presented therein can seldom be found from somewhere else. The author of this incredible book takes you through the strategies that you can employ to build your growth organically and increase your bottom line.


2. Keywords for SEO


Written by Itamar Blauer, and Andy Woolley, this book covers the basic and advanced issues that relate to keyword search. To sustain higher rankings on Google, you must be using the best keywords on your content, products, tags, and more. With the best keywords, you can command your content until when they reach page one of Google. This book provides detailed information about how you can choose keywords that derive value for your brands and which will ensure that your audience is engaged. The book has nine chapters in total and it’s presented simply and understandably. The authors have made it easier to understand how they can use keywords for SEO growth.

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3. Social Media Marketing 2021 and Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is an integral part of advertising, and if you are to survive, you have to make your presence known and turn this relationship into a money-making opportunity. Written by Michael Branding, this is a book like no other. It covers online business in great depth and it’s a book that can hardly be matched by others that are available. The authors teach you how you can use your online presence and turn it into a money-making opportunity. This book is available from Amazon, and whether you are an individual or corporate body.


4. Crawl, Walk, Run 


We have been told time and again about the importance of incorporating powerful analytics in your marketing strategy. This book is all about advancing analytics and using them to help you make the best decisions and get insights that help to take your marketing effort forward. This book has been authored by Michael Loban, and Alex Yastrebenetsky and it’s among the best options for both new and experienced digital marketers who want to understand analytics and use them mostly to track their marketing effort and returns.


5. The Atomic Particle of Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Content Marketing Strategy


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This book is authored by Rebecca Lieb and Jaimy Szymanski and provides high-quality lessons about content marketing strategy. This is a book that lays the right foundation and makes it possible for you to understand the best marketing strategies that you can put in place. The content is organized to make it incredibly easy for beginners to understand.

The Final Takeaway

Improving your skills and learning through eBooks is necessary for professional marketers. While buying these books might be an option for many, a simple and more affordable solution is presented by platforms such as the pirate bay. You can simply search for the eBook of your needs.



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