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September 28, 2021

Many individuals are shifting to online business. Some of them are even opting for an extra income source. While you are doing a job or a business, you can always earn a bit extra from another source.


For developers and agencies, a side income is a need of the hour. It helps them generate continuous income every month. Reseller hosting is one of the ways they indulge in cash flow.


Reseller hosting is the most sold hosting service in the UK, and MilesWeb is the top reseller hosting UK provider. The hosting service has gained so much fame because of the profits one can make through it. It is a good idea for starting an online business.


Reseller hosting refers to web hosting where you can resell web hosting services at your customized prices. The web host lets you sell their services with 100% white labeling. That means you can resell the hosting as your own, which increases your brand authenticity.


Many developers purchase reselling hosting and include them with developing plans. While they earn only one time from their development plans, reselling hosting services increases their monthly income.


MilesWeb reselling hosting plans are available at lower prices. They have gained more than 30,000 customer’s trust worldwide. Being the leading web hosting provider in the UK, MilesWeb is helping every website create an identity. MilesWeb also known for best managed VPS hosting UK.

Understanding Reseller Hosting


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Many web hosting providers offer reseller hosting, but not all are budget-friendly. Some even compromise on quality in the name of selling services for cheap. Reseller hosting is a great business if one understands how it works and can profit from it a lot.


It also needs effort. You cannot just get in reseller hosting and expect clients. You have to put in some work, strategies and learn the required skills. When you start, you will understand slowly and gradually.



Advantages of Reseller Hosting With MilesWeb



Brand Building – The hosting provider enables you to build your brand despite using their resources. Your clients will not come to know about the original web hosting provider, which will increase brand identity. Brand building will also ensure the security, reliability and authenticity of your company.


Business Opportunity – As a reseller hosting provider, you don’t have to be concerned about technical services. All updates and server maintenance are taken care of by the original web hosting provider. That saves your time and helps you focus on the business. You can create personal pricing packages and enjoy the profit.


Income Opportunity – Reselling hosting is like a retail business. Although the hosting provider doesn’t pay you, you earn directly from customers through your personalized plans.

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Control Panel – You get a control panel feature with reseller hosting plans that enables you to monitor all activities and make the website more efficient.


Free SSL Certificate – MilesWeb provides free SSL certificates with all its reseller hosting plans. SSL certificate secures the website of your customers. It also builds trust among users for their hosting provider that is you. For any business, customer trust is the primary factor and, an SSL certificate can help you with it.


Professional Email Account – MilesWeb reseller hosting offers unlimited email accounts. You can create a professional email ID that you can use to send and receive emails from your customers. A professional email id passes a message that the company is authentic and one can rely on them. It will also separate the business emails and personal emails, leading to better productivity.


Budget-Friendly – You can start an online business without investing too much in technical services and infrastructure. Reseller hosting is cheap and affordable. You can make good profits by reselling the resources of a web hosting provider. It saves your money, and in return, you earn more than you invested. On one side, you build a brand and on the other side, your monthly potential income increases.

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Website Builder – With a free website builder tool, you can create websites without having coding skills. MilesWeb website builder has thousands of templates. You can choose the one you like and make one great website using the drag and drop feature.


WHM – With WHM, your business runs smoothly. You can manage and monitor unlimited websites, email accounts and other necessary stuff with any hurdle.



MilesWeb Pricing



MilesWeb offers Linux reseller hosting, Windows reseller hosting and WHMCS license.



Reseller Hosting PlansPrice Range
Linux Reseller HostingRanges from € 4.4/m to € 22 /m
Windows Reseller HostingRanges from € 6/m to € 14/m
WHMCS LicenseRanges from € 18/m to € 36/m



If you are new to reseller hosting, lower-priced plans would also work best. You can sharpen your skills and get good at them go now. Later, you can upgrade to better reseller plans.


The above prices are available after a discount that you can check directly on their web page. And the discount is applicable when you buy reselling hosting plans for at least 3 years.



As reselling hosting is a business, checking which hosting providers will profit you the most is important. MilesWeb is one of those companies that will help you establish your hosting services business. You will get all the assistance with the hosting and cheaper plans with surplus features.

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