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January 9, 2022

An Invisalign treatment process is normally long and tedious and after completing it successfully, you will have to protect the results of your treatment and keep your teeth staying healthy for the longest time possible. This is also necessary to keep your fresh smile in place for the longest time possible. By wearing Invisalign retainers, you help to keep your teeth in place and protect them from drifting outside of the alignment.


Types of retainers


There is a different type of retainer but Invisalign retainers have been the choice for dentists after their patients complete treatment. This retainer is manufactured out of a high-quality and premium material that guarantees comfort, effectiveness, and convenience to the users.


These clear, and plastic-made materials look just like the normal Invisalign aligners and are made from similar high-grade material, but the reason for their use is to help keep the teeth firmly in place and not to move them. If you take a closer look, you will discover that they are thicker, and made to last for longer. If you put in place proper maintenance procedures, you may use one for years.


Moreover, they are sparkling clear, and incredibly easier to clean. They are supplied in various sets that have multiple backups. This means that you can replace them when they get lost when they break or stretch among other mishaps. In some instances, the patient may ask the dentist to provide them with permanent  Invisalign retainers so that they can forget about it and concentrate on their everyday tasks. This is for those who value convenience because there are choices in the market that are used for the long haul.

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Do retainers matter for you?


Yes, they matter the most. Without these retainers, there is a likelihood that your teeth will move back to their former position, and this will harm our smile and confidence in general. You will realize that your orthodontist did a pretty good job, but since there are no retainers fitted, the effort, and professionalism that was applied goes to waste.


Remember that your teeth may have stayed in the wrong position for many years if not decades and convincing them to stay in that position permanently may take lots of time and effort. This is why everyone is a candidate for retainers after getting their Invisalign treatment process complete.


What is the cost of Invisalign Retainers?


Several factors may determine the Invisalign price and Invisalign retainer price. On average, the price may range from $600-$1500, and this caters for costs that include eight sets of retainers, four for the lower teeth, and another four for the upper teeth. This can be better because some brands will charge you per piece. Moreover, sets that can be fixed permanently may appear expensive in the short run, but the temporary choices will cost you more in the long run because you will need to change them regularly. Get in touch with a Sydney Orthodontist today.

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