SEO audits for B2B sites
April 20, 2021

B2B SEO audit is crucial to improve organic search visibility and conversion rates. Conducting the SEO audit is the first step to build and strengthen an online presence.

Here we are uncovering the comprehensive details about SEO audits for B2B.

B2B SEO audits usually include technical, content, and advanced inspections of a website. If your business site is operating flawlessly with certain SEO factors, it performs better to have improved rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Top ways to run B2B SEO audit

Verify XML sitemap status

The XML sitemap essentially helps the crawlers find your website pages and rank them accordingly. So, you must verify that your site’s XML sitemap ensures;

  • Appropriate format in an XML document
  • Follows XML sitemap protocol
  • Updated pages of your site in the sitemap

At last, be sure to submit the sitemap to your Google Search Console.

Check the website load time

Website’s load time is an important technical SEO metric to examine. According to SEMrush, more than 23% of sites have slow page load times, which increases bounce rate and adversarial impression among the site visitors.

Especially while you are serving B2B clients, your site’s speed can relatively improve user experience and create an impactful impression among the site viewers.

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Assess whether the site is mobile-friendly

A mobile-friendly website is necessary to improve technical SEO and search engine rankings positioning. Your site should be responsive enough to deliver exceptional UI/UX across all devices irrespective of screen resolution and size.

When you want to have a flawless mobile-friendly, the site should include:

  • Legible, compelling typography
  • Embed videos
  • Compress images
  • Use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Review keyword cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization can create confusion among search engines. For instance, when a website has two pages in keyword competition, search engines like Google will necessitate deciding which page is best. And, the search robots will list the page that seems best to them.

Further, one of the common keyword cannibalization challenges is to optimize the home page and sub page for the same keywords. So. it might be ideal for consolidating a few of the web pages with similar keywords to avoid keyword cannibalization.

Review robots.txt file

If you notice that all of your pages are not indexed, the first place to look is your robots.txt file. You need to make sure that robots.txt files are submitted properly to crawl your website on all pages. However, when you do not want to crawl a certain page, you should change the page’s crawl setting to disallow.

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Check for duplicate content

Duplicate content creates issues for search engines and prevents your site from getting higher rankings or may penalize in some cases. So, when running an SEO audit, content issues must be taken into consideration.

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Also, check for duplicate metadata and meta descriptions as well. You can use tools like Copyscape, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, etc., to find out duplicate content on your website.

Once you have found the duplicate content issue, create a plan to modify the content to make it more unique and appealing.

Examine for broken links

There should not be any broken link on your site. It creates a negative impression on users and SEO rankings. So, while running SEO audits, identify and fix broken links as soon as possible.

Overall, the B2B website’s SEO audit should be executed strategically. From analyzing the technical aspects to optimizing content, everything should be pre-planned. If you want to achieve maximum outputs of SEO audit, connecting with an SEO company would be advisable.

You can find the best seo agency, offering a comprehensive B2B SEO audit to improve online presence and search rankings. We offer comprehensive SEO audits for your B2B site with an aim to improve the visibility of your site. Our team holds ample experience and expertise to execute the SEO audit and deliver positive outcomes. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help with the flawless SEO audit for your site.

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