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August 6, 2021

Ordering food online has come up with dozens of benefits for the people unable to cook for them. Moreover, working men and women are more likely to order fast food, and we all know that fast-food chains are everywhere and making billions worldwide. However, unhealthy and junk food has made obese young kids and adults worldwide.

As for adults are concern they are responsible for themselves, but when it comes to young kids that order junk foods and used to eat from outside food chains need to be under surveillance by their parents.

Parents can track kids to get rid of obesity with a phone tracker app. cell phone devices enable kids and adults to download online apps and webpage to order food online. You can make your kids and loved ones that love to eat fast food and gain weight.

Obesity is a kind of disease, but with diet control, anyone can lose weight. Before we discuss the detail how you can get rid of obesity, we will discuss what is obesity? What are the top reasons?  How to get rid of obesity using a cell phone tracker app?

What is Obesity?

It is a disease, and patients start gaining weight and a percentage of fat on the body. If someone has a BMI of 30 or higher means that a person is overweight or obese. In recent years, obesity is one of the fastest-growing diseases in the United States. Almost 93.3 million people have become obese worldwide, and 39.8% and 13.7 million kids in the U.S are obese. The situation of obesity in the U.S is alarming over the years. However, people have ways to get rid of obesity.

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Top 5 reasons that make people obese:

Obesity these days are making young and adult’s victims. United States is one of the most effective country of the world where obese are in large numbers.

Unhealthy food

Fast-food chains around the world are preparing junky and full of fatty food. Moreover, an excessive amount of sugar intake can make any person obese. The soft drink companies worldwide are using inorganic flavors, high amounts of sugar, and different chemicals. It can risk your health to gain instant fat, and you can become obese. Unhealthy and junky food can destroy kid’s health, and they can gain weight over the nights.

Excessive screen-time

The cell phone obsession has increased the screen-time in children, and they are spending more than 7 hours a day. It means they eat and sleep with mobile phone devices. Young kids and adults are obsessed with the screens, and they adopt no physical activity after eating junky and unhealthy food. You can say that technology is making kids and adults obese, and obesity has come up as a pandemic due to excessive use of technology.

No physical activity

Exercise can maintain your weight (BMI), but having no physical activity causes the fat in your body. Therefore, people are more likely to get high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fats in the body, and heart diseases.  Thousands of Americans die every year due to overweight, heart disease, and many other risk factors. Therefore, physical exercise is necessary for people to prevent obesity.

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Ill sleeping pattern

The excessive use of technology, no physical activity, consumption of junky food, and ill sleeping patterns of kids and adults are causing obesity. People who don’t bother about the BMI (body mass index) over 30 are more likely to become obese, and they have to suffer from many health problems, like sleep and heart issues.

What is a Mobile tracker app?

You can say it is software or application for the digital phone. You can download and install it on your target cellphone devices and keep tabs on your kids to the fullest. It enables users to track the live GPS location of the target person, and you can monitor every activity of the target device users online to the fullest. So, you can track the cellphone devices of your loved ones to view installed apps that enable the target person to order fast foods.

Moreover, you can track the GPS location of the kids to know whether they are sitting in a restaurant to eat unhealthy food. You can set Geo-Fence around the fast-food chains electronically and receive alerts when your child or loved ones entering or leaving the mark places. Phone tracker helps out parents and loved ones to track kids and beloveds while visiting fast-food chains.

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Here are the few features of a phone tracker app that enable user to track your obese eating habits.

GPS location tracking

It is one of the best features of cell phone tracking software for parents that want to track the location of obese teens. It empowers you to know about the kid’s location in real-time, and you can schedule Geo-Fence around the red zones (fast-food chains) to get an instant alert about the kid’s location. You can ask questions to your kids about why they were visiting food chains because of their health issues. You can catch your obese kids red-handedly if they are not following instructions about the consumption of food.

Surround recording

Parents and loved ones can record phone calls and surround sounds and voice conversations of kids when they are at school to make sure they are eating something unhealthy. You can listen to the surrounding conversations and get to know if your kids are talking about the food they like, burgers, pizza, and soft drinks.

Live screen recording

Parents can watch the live eating habits of their teens secretly when teens are outside.  You can visit food chains outside the house using the location tracker app. Further, you can connect the front and back camera of your phone to the dashboard. It will stream the live activities of the surrounds of teens to parents via the web control panel.

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Browsing history

Parents can loved ones can access the browsing history of the target phone users to know about the visited websites related to food chains online. Teens are more likely to order food these days using cellphone devices connected to the internet.

View installed apps

You can view installed applications on cellphone devices and get a complete list alongside the names. You can get to know if your teen using an online application that empowers them to order food online.


TheOneSpy phone tracker app is the best tool for parents and loved ones to track obesity reasons in teens and beloved ones. Moreover, you can track your obese child’s location at any point in time to limit their screen –time to the fullest.



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