Dealing With Online Negative Reviews
July 28, 2021

Are you facing bad reviews? It’s time to find out the real cause of it. This helps a lot in minimizing the chances and risk of making customers annoyed. 

Although every other business is going through some sort of similar situation, online negative reviews impact businesses a lot. They create false impressions and problems for new customers to trust the brand. It is crucial to address the issue to make changes by solving the reoccurring problems.

Therefore, coming up with a solution is the only way to get the customers back. The words have power. Talk to them about their concerns and do your best to resolve them. It will tell new customers that the company is responsible and know the significance of clients’ reviews. 

Ways to Tackle Bad Reviews:

Yes, a single bad review can ruin your business profile and accounts reputation. But this is not the end of the world. Still, you can approach the customers and ask for the compensation process. This is one way to deal with the review that is bothering you.

Secondly, wherever you get to know or see the notification that says something terrible. First of all, don’t ever get personal and start fighting with the client. This will increase the problem. Try to do the below-mentioned things:

  • Understand the reason.
  • Plan a response kindly
  • Take a step forward and address.
  • Never use harsh words and regret later.

According to the brand design experts, it is essential to know the customer’s query and what makes them post such a review. Many times the reasons are authentic. They are not from your side but because of the courier companies etc. Thus the online negative reviews can be sort of by finding the exact issue. Show up, say polite words to calm the customers and then come towards the actual matter.

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Tips to Deal With Online Negative Reviews:

There is always a method to make the particular mistakes correct. Also, consider the reviews seriously because they can make both a positive and negative image of your brand. No one wants to make all the efforts go in vain due to bad reviews on the social pages. 

So the best thing is to reach out to the customer and make suitable solutions for them. Make sure you show that you are considerate about the client’s requirements and do anything to make it up to their issues. This is how the complication will become easier for you and your business. 

Here are the best tips and tricks to deal with online negative reviews and make a progressive change.

1- Answer Publicly and Privately

Customers want the business owner to contact them and ask them for a possible solution. This way, the brand will get recognition to solve the issues. Remember to approach in the best possible medium if any customer is angry and wants to respond publicly. Do it, which will make them realize that at least you care about their reviews and problems.

In some situations, both public and private works. Try to comment back in public and then take the customer to the personal conversion. There are two benefits of doing this. First, that the issue will be discussed more appropriately. The second is that your brand will get saved from more complications. 

2- Don’t Remove the Comments

This is the worst thing you can do to your business. It will tell the customer that you have made a mistake by yourself and now don’t want to talk about it. However, online negative reviews damage a lot of things. But don’t think about removing them. It is wrong both professionally and ethically.

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Aftermaths of deleting the comments:

  • There will be more chances of wrong assumptions by the customers.
  • More cases of facing loss in future as the things will be against the expectations.
  • The recommendations will go down because of the wrong decision.
  • New clients hesitate from buying and will be afraid to choose your brand.

Therefore the right path is to communicate the issue and come towards the solution rather than doing the shortcut, which is worthless. 

3- Make an Offer to Compensate

Most of the time, the situation gets more difficult for the owners to handle. In this scenario, it is best to offer something in return for the online negative reviews and end the debate. This way, the customers will be satisfied that they are getting because of the inconvenience that has been caused to them by the company.

Here the most important thing is to find out if there is a genuine issue or not. Sometimes because of some genuine cases, people want to get benefits from the brand. So this is essential to verify the situation and reconfirm before taking any further step.   

4- Stick to the Topic

This is a common observation that customers or the person dealing with them drag the topic for no reason. It can be from any slide. So the professional way is to stick to the issue and continue with it. No matter how much anyone forces directly or indirectly, it is the person’s responsibility to control and respond precisely. 

Thus, the steps taken in the right direction have some positive impacts collectively. The audience will be happy by having the proper solution. 

5- Clarify All the Issues

One by one, address every problem. There is a reason behind every online negative review, and also sometimes it is vice versa. So the best thing is to make sure all the problems are well communicated. Clarifying the issue will be an advantage for your business. It will maintain the reputation of the brand.

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People will be able to know that the business understands its priorities and is aware of the importance of the customers. By doing this, you are supporting the internal and core purpose of the company. Never neglect the customer’s problems and sort them out as soon as possible.

6- Take a Proper Action

Some of the time, it is seen that the business owners ignore what the clients are commenting. This leads to the poor condition of the system. Actions are important. Considering and understanding the situation of the customer is highly appreciated at all costs. Sooner or later, online negative reviews have to be adequately addressed to resolve the bad reviews.

Advantages of taking timely decisions:

  • It will retain the customers.
  • Proper action will solve problems.
  • This increases the brand reputation.
  • The coming clients will be satisfied.
  • People will know about the business credibility.

Therefore the best way of approaching the client’s complaint is to make sure that they are happy with the given offer as compensation. It will double the brand’s image and have a positive impact on sales. Customers will know that in case of any problem, the owner will find solutions.

Take a Step Forward and Help

Your Facebook, Instagram accounts and website have a purpose. Don’t ever kill it by assuming that clients are not necessary. Always remember that customers are a valuable asset for any business. Make sure they are satisfied with the services. The more you understand and solve problems, the greater your popularity will be. So the decision is in your hands. Have faith and step forward to communicate about the issue. 


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