Paintball Gun and Equipment 300x200 - 7 Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know About Paintball
June 28, 2021

Have you ever played paintball? Have you always wanted to? Paintball gun game is basically an improved version of catching flags, some skins, and a little bit of “etiquette” – all a good game.

If you’re in central Florida, action paintball gun is the best place to do it, but even if you don’t, take a look at seven things you always wanted to know:

1. Paintball guns was invented by the inhabitants of the caves

Well… not really – but it was first used in caves to mark dangerous areas and other areas that were supposedly marked for destruction. Paint guns have also become popular as an effective way of marking trees and livestock for farmers. Although spray guns are still used for useful purposes, it has been known to be a fun way to take down some friends (… and even co-workers and strangers) without constantly inflicting damage. Enjoy!

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2. A paintball gun hit is like a feather blow

Well, that’s not true yet. But that’s precisely why paintball gun is so exciting – you don’t really want to hit it with paintball, but it certainly prevents you from hitting everyone! It’s true that the average caliber of a Paint Shot 68 really weighs as much as some large nibs. But a pen on a pistol over 100 km / h can also be a small sign.

There are different types of best paintball guns.

Depending on where you decide to play a paintball, you will find different types of weapons (called “markers”). The most important of all brands is the weapon. On this model, pull the pump lever back and forth between strokes to prepare the paint shot to ignite. This does not happen more often. There are also semi-automatic rifles, 3-shot rifles, ramps (which gradually increase the rate of fire), and fully automatic rifles. However, if you are aiming for good paintball gun structure, stretched balls are easy to use and pressurized to move, then you don’t have to work physically to shoot balls. Action Paintball in Central Florida has the best paintball facilities in the area and not only offers our customers great equipment rental, but also a discount if you want to bring your own equipment.

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4. Paintball guns have their own vocabulary – and can teach children (including adults!) Important skills.

Who would have thought a color shot was a life changing lesson? Players who play paintball learn not only to propose their own concepts to define their actions and outcomes, but also important skills that are valuable to life as well. Playing paintball promotes leadership skills, supports teamwork and increases self-confidence. In terms of vocabulary, a slang paint shot has gotten pretty extensive, but here are a few examples:

In the bunkers – when you meet someone hiding behind thorns and pulling … a big surprise! They just became bunkers.

With a rope – shoot someone with a mask

Brand – another name for a paint spray gun

Funnel – This is a small device that holds bullets and introduces them into your weapon

Barrel Plug– You must know what it is or you don’t have to play it. The barrel of the rifle must remain fixed when not in use.

Running Team – This is when you hold steady ink for a while to prevent players on the pitch from walking to your flag.

Mirroring – One way to let your teammates know exactly where the enemy is is to shout they are in “your mirror”. That means it’s exactly the same place with you, just on the other side of the field.

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5. Paintball started in the 80s

Stone hair and some color began in the same decade. The game was invented by two friends who were looking for excitement. They were Charles Gaines and Bill Gurnsey, and after several studies and adaptations, they played their first match with 12 friends in 1981. About a year later, in 1982, the first national competition, which has since become so popular, exponentially. In the United States more than 15 million people play paintball each year in their spare time with colleagues, in competition and even professionally.

6. Paintball can be very dangerous

While the whole premise of participating in a small paintball game is fun, participating can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. No one needs to be injured (except with minor contusions, of course), but damage can occur if you don’t use protective gear or use a splash. Always wear a mask, safety goggles and chest protection (women and children). Action Paintball gun puts all of your safety tools at your fingertips if you don’t have them, so it’s pretty safe to hit with paintball, but you don’t want it to hit your eyes.

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7. Paintball is played in rounds using paintball guns

A real paintball gun game can last only five to ten minutes. This is because when a player is hit by a paint shot, he is gone until the end of the game. Paintball races are played and each player can return to the next game. Some helpful tips for staying in the game longer are:

Get to know the field – entering a field before you start will help you move around the area.

Movement – It’s harder to reach a moving target, and if you’re moving, it’s harder to spot your situation.

Planning and communication – this means teamwork. The better you plan and work together, the better your chances of winning.

Paintball gun is probably one of the most interesting ways to fill your day with adrenaline! So if you want to get a little excited and find yourself in Central Florida, a good paintball gun is best. If you’re not there, think about us – you can get close and you won’t miss the fun!

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