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August 5, 2022

Social media is saturated with new, exciting content every minute. While this is ideal for consumers, it can be difficult for brands to break through the noise with their messaging. Incorporating paid media can help brands remain front and centre to their audiences; working alongside a paid media agency can ensure your best content is optimized for the right audience.


Paid media is any marketing or advertising content that a brand pays for. This is in contrast to owned media, which refers to the channels through which your company publishes material, and earned media which refers to mentions of your brand from third parties, including news outlets or customers.


Paid media has a few advantages over owned and earned media. Paid advertising is scalable, trackable and offers instant results. When creating an ad for social media, you can specifically target audience demographics, interests, incomes, locations and more. So, not only can you target ideal customers in minutes but also uncover a plethora of valuable audience insights.


Paid media also means your brand still has control of creative direction and messaging. It’s also a source of passive lead generation; your post always works for you until you move to the next campaign.


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However, paid media is also incredibly competitive. So, here are some tips you can use to amp up your next paid media campaign.


  1. Content mapping

The essential part of any campaign is knowing your audience inside out. Content mapping is a process that ensures you deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. You first define your buyer personas and customer journey and then analyse your current marketing presence and social footprint. Understanding these will help you identify the types of paid content that will truly resonate with each audience segment.


  1. Automation

One of the main benefits of paid media is that you can automate the most time-consuming elements. Through automation, you can reduce time spent bid adjusting, monitoring keywords and optimising content for specific channels; this saves time and can improve the performance of your paid content.


  1. Accurately track influencer metrics

Sponsored influencer posts increase brand visibility and add an authentic touch to paid media. However, many brands and marketers struggle to track influencer metrics accurately and communicate their value to key decision makers. Choosing the right influencer platform can help you manage relationships and metrics easily.


  1. Speak natively on each platform
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Native content is the most influential type of paid ad. Using native content allows you to blend seamlessly into the platform and mirror the format and tone of surrounding content. In addition, it will enable you to hook your audience without sounding overwhelmingly preachy.


Beyond creating native content, letting your customers do the talking is a brilliant way to optimise your content. Sharing genuine customer testimonials and UGC lends a fresh point of view and adds authenticity to your paid content.


  1. Tell a story

Consumers nowadays don’t want to be sold a brand or product; they want to be sold a story. So what’s the best way to increase engagement in your story? Using Stories, of course. Building paid media Stories into your strategy offers an immersive and captivating ad format and allows brands to share exclusive stories and videos that last only 24 hours.


Stories are highly effective. Over half of Instagram’s monthly users regularly tune in to Stories, with many users slowly shifting to use the platform only to consume Stories. According to Instagram, one-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories come from businesses, and 1 in 5 Stories receive a direct message from its viewers.


Stories offer features like tags, stickers, polls and questions to organically drive engagement and increase conversions.

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